A Trip to Albuquerque

Yes, we ran away from home. Not because we had to go somewhere, like a conference, or a job, but because we wanted to go somewhere. April 12th is the anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s flight into space. People celebrate Yuri’s Night, with space oriented parties across the world. Friends of ours at Quelab, a maker space in Albuquerque were having a party. So, we realized a few truths… We had the money, time and desire to go. So, we did! It also gave us a chance to wear summer clothes, as the temps were suppose to be in the mid 70’s.

We left Friday afternoon and arrived in Albuquerque around 7pm. The drive had been easy, and as per our habit, I read aloud from our book of choice while Dan drove. Right now we are reading one of the Emberverse Series, The Scourge of God. It makes the time pass when we aren’t watching the scenery, and we get to share a good book.

Our hotel was in the Old Town area. A little noisy, but not bad. We called Greg, and asked him for a restaurant recommendation. We wanted something organic, local, etc. He said the Flying Star Cafe was a good choice. As it was a five minute drive, we went. Heaven! Droolable! And oh, the desserts! Plus, they have this drink, Red Stuff. Cranberry juice, red zinger tea and mint. Divine!

Saturday, we got up and went hunting for breakfast. This time, we went to the Grove Cafe & Market. Once again, great food, atmosphere and a delight. We waddled off to Old Town to do some shopping. After getting a little lost, we found the parking lot and headed out. What we didn’t realize was that it was also Albuquerque’s 308th birthday. There were booths, music, dancers and lots of people. This was a treat. We window shopped, took pictures and had fun. I got two Talavera bowls and two skeins of handspun Churro wool.

We headed off to Quelab around 1:30pm, met with Greg, toured Quelab and met some of the makers. Around dinnertime, we headed for another suggested eatery. The Two Fools Tavern. Suggested because Dan was wearing his Celtic Music Festival teeshirt. Once again, the food and beer was excellent.

The Yuri’s Night party started at 7pm. Low key, but nice. We got to meet more of the Quelab Makers, and Dan showed off the ground sphere receiver he made. We were there until about 9pm. On our way back to the hotel, we passed the Flying Star. Well, almost passed it. We stopped in and had dessert. Yum!

Sunday, we got up, packed and were headed home by about 9am. It was 75 degrees. We stopped in Las Vegas, NM, for lunch at Charlie’s Spic & Span Bakery. More good food, as well as fresh tortillas (6 dozen)and bakery treats for my parents. It was 66 degrees in Las Vegas.

By the time we stopped in Raton for gas, it was about 53 degrees. Do you see a trend? Well, it was raining on top of Raton Pass. Snowing by the time we were just north of Trinidad. Really snowing hard by the time we got home.

We ran a few errands, stopped by my parents to help them with their taxes and then headed home for the night. It was 40 degrees inside the Wendy House when I lit the fire in the wood stove. BRRRR!

After dinner, it started snowing harder. We woke up this morning to about 8 inches of snow. Ice beneath. So, today I’m staying next to the wood stove and playing on the computer. It was a great weekend away. I know the slide show is a bit long, but there were so many good pictures!

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