Menapausal March

Yesterday, it was warm! mid 60’s with decent winds. Today, it’s 33F, and snowing. Brrr!

The last week or so has been a game of catch up. My Aunt Debbie died on Friday the 13th. We had work up in the Castle Rock area on the 14th, and Dan worked for the county and school district during the rest of the next week. We had lots of little meetings too. Tech committee, and website committees.

We took care of Dad for a week and Mom came home on Saturday. We almost got to sleep in on Tuesday. Today, we shopping in Pueblo. We started out warm and sunny, and now we have close to 3 inches outside and it is still falling.

There are a few other things going on, but I’m not going to post about them until the dust has settled.

4 thoughts on “Menapausal March

  1. Yesterday I went for a walk round the ring of Brodgar in my shirt sleeves revelling in the mild summer sun. Today the trees are shivering in a bitingly cold wind with the promise of snow.

    I’m glad your aunt had a swift journey it’s always hard for those left behind but sitting watching them struggle to go for weeks eats away at the good memories.

    Hope you get a chance to breathe soon.

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