A visit to Dad

Yesterday, we had to go up to Pueblo for building supplies for Brandy’s dog house. we are trying to do stuff to get back into a routine. While we were up there, we stopped into the hospice and visited Dad. It was difficult. He’s non-responsive, and we have no idea if he hears us or not.

I told him that all the grandchildren, great grands, and all the ‘adopted’ family sent their love. I told him it was okay to pass, and that I loved him. Then Dan and I said our goodbyes and headed home.

In all honesty, it seems as if his soul is left. That his body has just not gotten the message that it’s time to go. The nurses are amazed that he has lasted this long, but then again, he’s always been a tough old man. I hope it isn’t long.


2 thoughts on “A visit to Dad

  1. It was similar with my Dad when he passed. I want to think he knew we were there on some level, but I also felt he was alright with us not actually witnessing the passing. Hugs to you and your Da. This really hits home and your Dad was such an amazing man! I know it all hurts. It WILL be alright, eventually. Give yourself permission to feel what you feel and grieve for what you grieve. Love ya!

  2. Lass I taught first aid for twenty years and always taught people to talk to an unconscious casualty because hearing was one of the last senses to leave. It was proved to me when the lady in the next bed to mum woke after being in a coma I had told the family to talk to her about the everyday family things. When she woke she talked to them about something that had happened to her grandson while she had been in the coma.

    I gave David permission to go letting him know I would keep going, sometimes a sense of responsibility keeps people here they need to be told it is alright and their loved one will be cared for.

    Thinking of you and the family every day

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