LiveWell Community Awards Dinner

Last night after braving a downpour, Dan and I went to the LiveWell Awards and Community Celebration Dinner. We attended as we’ve worked with the various groups to open up the Washington School for use by the public. They’ve been holding cooking classes, and using rooms for meetings, weight lifting, and Boy Scout meetings. The theater has been opened for the local folkloric dance group, El Fandango. Later on, we will be holding the Spanish Peaks International Celtic Music Festival concerts there. As it is the basement that is being used the most, we’ve started calling it the Washington Underground.

Dinner was good. Lasagna and salad with carrot cake brownies. I had salad and a brownie as I can’t eat cheese. It was still good, and (drum roll….) Organic. 🙂

Then it was time for the awards. I never get awards, so I didn’t expect one last night. They handed out the four awards mentioned in the program. Cindy Campbell started mentioning two people who deserved a Community Builders Award, and that they added two more awards for the night. To my surprise, she called my name and Mike Moore’s. He’s our superintendent for Huerfano RE-1. We both got the same award. 🙂 It was wonderful. We got a hat, a shopping bag and a gift card. It was so nice to be recognized for the work we’ve done to open up Washington Underground.

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