The last two weeks have been.. Hell. Not the kind where you feel the ship sink or the train heading to run you over. No, this is more like being nibbled to death by ants or ducks. I don’t think I could even start to list all the wonky things that have gone on, but here are the highlights:

  • The president of the Celtic Music Festival resigned because of health reasons. Then the treasurer resigned. The only officer left? Me. We are meeting Saturday to see what we can do.
  • Car repairs. New tires, one tire replaced after the new tires. (curb bite) Two new CV joints. Still stuff to do.
  • Heat. Nuff said.
  • Late nights in spite of attempts to go to bed early.
  • People not thinking before they email 6-12 others with erroneous information. Argh!!!!
  • School stuff. OMG. Resignations. Interviews. More interviews. Special meetings to hire people. (4) Oh, and at last count, 20 new staff members. Keep in mind that we have just under 70 all total in the district. And… issues finding housing.
  • Our Superintendent having health issues. Emergency room to hospital to minor surgery. Gahhh!
  • Schedule changes. I don’t think we’ve gone a day without something being shuffled.
  • New bespoke sewing project. Good for the reputation and the pocket book, but have I had time to sew? NO!
  • Contract canceled, and another one just starting. The waiting is crazy. Meanwhile, the bank account dwindles. Oh, and trying to work from Mom’s house is problematic.
  • The land we wanted to buy hit access issues and neighbor issues. So, we start again.

Walsenburg also had a ‘brain fart’ yesterday. Two attempted suicides. One by train. An assault that ended up with shots being fired at police, and an arrest. Plus tire slashings, a semi rear ending a car and other bits of mindless stupidity.

One of the few good things going on is that our garden is going gang busters! I harvested the first crookneck squash and green beans. πŸ™‚

I am hoping that the only thing on my schedule tomorrow will remain harvesting veg, cooking dinner and sewing. Keep your fingers crossed!


8 thoughts on “Enough!

  1. It’s been one of those times that the world seems to be going to h-e-double toothpicks all over! (and I ain’t talking the stupid politics)
    Besides the usual shootings, murders, and robberies in the area….most recently a 14 year old boy killed his grandparents….
    We had a battery die just before our recent weekend get-away and had to replace it. DD fell in the tub and banged up her leg. I burned my fingers on the iron. Hubby was supposed to have Friday off and had to go in to work anyway! DS knocked over his electric guitar (a vintage model) and broke the headstock, the weekend’s enjoyment was hampered by a generator not working, and everything seems to cost a hundred here or two hundred there. Make it stop!!! At least the heat, make the heat stop, ok? Hugs to you and yours m’dear. Hope things change for the better soon!!!

    1. Hugs dear! It has been crazy. About 10 days ago we had the Wednesday from hell. The sheriff’s dept, police dept and the EMT’s were hopping. 3 attempted suicides. One by train. 10 tire slashing incidents, domestic abuse and shooting at the sheriffs. It was one hell of a day.

      Luckily, things are beginning to settle down. I need it!

  2. Hope things have calmed down for you. If I lived in the USA I would apply for a job!!! Unfortunately, the UK isn’t helping me much at the moment. No teaching for the summer holidays (no money coming in!!) no temp work either. Oh well role on September when, hopefully, I can get back to teaching. Hugs to you and Wolf and hope the “tide starts to turn” for you and things get better,.

    1. It is beginning to settle down. I understand about employment, and if you were here… πŸ™‚ Dan is suppose to have an interview on Monday for work. The school district in Trinidad needs computer work. Thanks for the hugs!

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