Huzzah Bazaar!

Yesterday, we took a day off. No meetings, no committees, no work. We went to Pueblo West and attended an SCA event called the Huzzah Bazaar! It was a combo jumble sale, demo and class event. Fun!

I dug out the clothing basket and got our clothes out. Nice Viking dress for me and tunic and trews for Dan. We grabbed the feast gear and headed out. Of course, we were a little late leaving, but not bad. When we were a block from the event, Dan turns to me and says “It is a dress event isn’t it?”


“Are you sure?”

Of course, by then, my brain is going ninety different directions. I’m re-reading the event announcement in my head. “Well, the way it was written, I’m sure it was.”

“Did it say it was?”

“Ummm… no.”

I’ve been in the SCA for 6 years and haven’t attended a lot of events, so there are times I wonder….  By this point, we are pulling into the library parking lot. Shire banners. No cars in sight. No costumed people in sight. I’m beginning to worry. Finally, Dan goes the wrong way in the parking lot, finds the back lot and there is a person in garb. PHEW!

We hop out and head into the library and find the HB. 🙂 It was a lovely small event. Classes, demo’s, food, and a jumble sale. (ie, old garb, fabric, etc) We took the Viking knitting class. It’s a bit of a misnomer, as it is actually wire work. This video gives a good idea of what we did.

We had lunch, I learned English Country dances while Dan chatted with a knight about fighting, and I even sold a few things. It was a great day.

Afterwards, we went round to one of couple’s house and had a great late afternoon. I think that there were 20 people in the house at one point. 🙂 We had a lovely time, and we will be visiting the Shire of Aarquelle for other events.

Here are some pics.

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  1. He he I thought I could talk myself round in circles it is a pleasure to watch an expert in the field. So glad you both had such a good day, such days are the glue that holds the tougher ones together.

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