Just When you think…

You might have a quiet moment…  Life throws you a curve ball.

Last Thursday we got a call that my ex, John Thomas, was seriously ill in hospital. At that point, they didn’t know what was going on with him. They thought that his cancer may have come back. They thought that the test might have scratched his esophagus. No. Finally, they discovered that he had a huge gallstone and his gallbladder was infected. The doctors tried everything. We were told that he had a 20% chance of making it through the night.

Friday, we went up to see him. The outlook was not good, and amidst tears, Dan and I said our goodbyes. Beth, his fiancee, my sons Bryan and Daniel, Angela, Sean and Hannah, and many SCA friends were there. All of us were doing our best to support Beth, and hope that John might pull a miracle and survive.

Dan and I left Pueblo after having dinner with Daniel and Angela. We drove home with heavy hearts, knowing deep down that we’d be getting a call. At 4am, Maddy called to tell us that John had passed. It was one of those terrible moments when you feel you should do something, and yet know there is nothing to do.

Today, we’ve been trying to figure out various bits and pieces. Who owns the house? (me, with mortgage). What do we need to do? When is the funeral? All those horrid chores that must be done. On top of that, over the weekend, we had a realization that as a common law couple, Beth had very few rights. They had planned to marry in August, at Battlemoor. Much of the support structure goes to the individuals with “legal” or familial rights. As John’s ex-wife, I had more rights, which was just wrong on so many levels.

My solution? A gofundme campaign to raise money to help Beth deal with all the financial needs. So, Have a Heart. Follow the link, and donate. Make me go “Whoa!” when I open my email and see all of the donations in the morning. Better yet, help Beth, who lost the man she loved.


2 thoughts on “Just When you think…

  1. I so wish I was in a position to help, got a message from my niece a couple of days ago from my niece letting me know Pearl my sister in law was stage four cancer after my brother died she met a lovely man they got engaged but have never got married I just hope she has made consideration for him since as far as I know the house in spain is in her name.

  2. Hugs to you too. I have to admit that life has been a real roller coaster. It has made Dan and I take a good long look at life and move to remedy what we can. Neither one of us wants to be in that frustrating position in regards to a loved one.

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