We’ve been painting and repairing things at the house. Not new news, I know, but… We are actually getting somewhere. πŸ™‚ The master bedroom is painted, has new electric plugs, plates and switch. It even has some furniture in it!

The bathroom is nearly done. We have to touch up the corners near the ceiling and put another coat on the inside of the shower stall. I’ve started painting trim. Yes, it is green, but it is a 1930’s kinda green, not neon lime. We still have a few wall repairs to do, but they won’t delay the painting.

The library… Paint. New electric plugs, plates and switch. Floor oiled and mopped, and… Furniture! We had a table at the old house that my grandpa had made out of a door and drills from the coal mine. We took it over to this house yesterday, and it looks like it was made to be there. Wow! Perfect! πŸ™‚

I moved boxes today, and will be moving more furniture tomorrow. I’ll put three bookshelves in the library and start filling them with books. Ahhhh!

7 thoughts on “Perfect!

  1. I am living my dreams through watching you and Dan “nest” in this house! Someday it will be me….though I hope I don’t have as much work to do!!! Love the old bones of this house and I am sure it is grateful that you are bringing life back in!

  2. Youza! We *will be coming by to see as soon as mud dries up and we can drive Jarvis; because Jed doesn’t have headlights, so have to get home before sunset! Looks amazing! You guyz are using up your energy for sure!! Oh, this is EvieBee and John, forgot to say!

    1. Right now we are there most days until about 5pm. We started moving boxes and furniture! Come by and we will give you the tour.

    1. Yeah. I was working in that room today putting books on shelves and it was just so right. Convenient to put books on while sorting, etc. I am very happy with the table.

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