A busy summer so far

We’ve been doing a lot of gardening between the two houses. It has been very hard to bring back the yard at 203. Pruning, digging, planting, digging, mowing, digging. You get the picture. I’ll post pics when I have a bit more done. We had some really windy days, and my rose trellis snapped. argh. I’ve sort of fixed it, but it needs totally redone, which won’t happen until the fall when I trim back the rose bush.

There’s been a lot of work as well. Dan has been doing a wiring job for the school district. I’ve been doing sewing. I’ve also repaired two chairs. Check it out!

Life has been busy with SCA meetings, SCA beledi dance and bobbin lace classes, School board stuff and the Huerfano RE-1 Schools Foundation. We are working on a mill levy overide to provide more money for our school district. In order to make it a bit more sustainable, we are setting up a foundation that can raise money any time for the schools. If you’d like to contribute, you can send a check to the Huerfano RE-1 Schools Foundation care of the Huerfano RE-1 School District, 201 E. 5th, Walsenburg, CO. 81089.

2 thoughts on “A busy summer so far

  1. Sounds like you need a holiday lass. I tried bobbin lace almost 30 years ago I was doing fairly well but have always found learning just from a book difficult and there was no one in the area to show me how to do it so it gradually fell by the wayside. The beledi dance sounds fun a good way to workout

    1. I get a holiday mid July. Three days of an SCA event where all I have to do is help cook. 🙂

      The classes have been fun. I’m going to have to make a ‘date’ to see the bobbin lace teacher though.

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