Cups, bowls, tents, baskets, jewelry, shoes… All the bits that bring a camp or an outfit together. Do we make them? Buy them? Receive them as gifts? Yes. Many SCAer’s make their accessories, especially if they are heavily into what is called Arts and Sciences.

I’ve made nalbinding needles, upgraded picnic baskets, covered a sketch book and made a few other things. First off, the war socks. Yes, you can have a war… making socks. You start at the event and finish by a certain time. We had 4 days.

Then there is the Viking A Frame tent/kitchen and the war shields. The necklace gets revamped about once a year. New beads, different order, etc. Next are the nalbinding needles. I made them out of cedar.

The sketch book was interesting. I made a leather cover and a lucet cord for it. My belt… I got a fancy buckle, but my leather was too small. So I adapted a cloak clasp with a few pearls. Last of all, the baskets. One I found in Indianapolis, and the other was bartered for electrical work. I lined them and added new hinges and a clasp on the big picnic basket.

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