We have an event in the early part of the year called Corazon. This year, I decided to make a kirtle, and wear something other than my Viking garb. I was inspired by this woman’s blog. My research drove me all over the internet, and I came to the conclusion that most people are crazy. (the drape mode of dress making) The manner that my Viking dresses were made was logical. You could see how they were done and the designs were repeatable. None of the sites I visited made any sense. I was beginning to think I’d made a mistake, or that I wasn’t as good a seamstress as I thought I was. Why couldn’t I wrap my brain around a kirtle?


I took a break and decided to start on the chemise. I found a pattern that looked like what I was seeing in various drawings. Yes, it is Elizabethan, but it works. There are a few things I would change if I made it again. It is all hand sewn.

Then I found a pattern for St. Birgitta’s coif. I found some linen and cut that out.

I finally found the Medieval Tailor. The designs made sense. I grabbed my lovely rust colored linen and began to cut. Once again, everything is hand sewn.

I will have more pictures as I get the work done. Due to a winter storm, Corazon was canceled. As the kirtle was taking me longer than expected, I probably wouldn’t have finished in time.

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