Hit the ground running!

    On Saturday, we were up and off to see Brian and Gretchen before the teacups had cooled. We got more info on the website and talked about being the support they need. We did some running around and then came back to do some more coding on the website.

Around 7pm, we stopped long enough to watch a movie. We were just a little burned out.  We watched Next with Nicholas Cage. Very good! It promted a long discussion about premonitions and all of that sort of thing.

Sunday, I slept in! For a bit at least. No sooner got up and Dan hollered that we needed to run to Aguilar. We had this guy’s car part in my trunk, and needed to return it. So, we did. After that,  we grabbed a bite to eat and then I dropped Dan at the office. Then it was off to Pueblo with John. Shopping day!

We got the first bits done rather quickly. Vitamin Cottage, Target, PetsMart, Sam’s Club.  I got a few new shirts at Target and a couple for Beth as well. John even got a shirt that wasn’t black or gray! I got a Nickelback CD and the “A Christmas Story” DVD. Then we went to dinner at Chile’s. I have one of those rewards cards,  and ended up getting my dinner for free! Then we went to Walmart. I had only meant to grab a few things and then head home… Silly me.  This ended up being one of those oohhh pretty shiny! trips. We ended up with the original Transformers movie in DVD, the latest Annie Lennox CD, fabric, slippers and snow boots for me, slippers for Targ, and the usual pile of groceries.  We ended up getting home around 10:45pm. By the time we got all the bits put away and a semblance of order going, it was midnight. I fell asleep at 1am.

Today of course has been no different. I figured I’d have time for paperwork, maybe some playtime with a story or two and maybe a trip to the post office. As it is, I am just taking a break from ripping up the kitchen floor. What a mess! Grandpa  extended the kitchen by building over the old patio cement. He leveled the floor with mortar and sand and then put tar paper down before he tiled! Well, it has since rotted, mildewed and molded. We tore up most of that section and then Dan shoveled it out into the trash can. What a mess. It a bit, he will cut off the bottom section of the wall and we will make what repairs we need.

I think I’ll run away to Edla’s!

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