Oh gods is it cold! It’s about 28 degrees and trying very hard to snow.  We tried to get some winterizing done yesterday at 520 Penn, but… Dan and I ended up running to Pueblo instead. Got some of the stuff, but not enough. Came home tired enough to want to head straight to bed, but I needed to do catch up on laundry. Yerch… At least I got some of my story edited. I’m working on Sheeple at the moment.

Today, we woke up with the cold front breathing down our necks. This means we didn’t get to put the window glass in the kitchen, but have to deal with the leaky windows. brrrr! We also took a look at the heater in the kitchen. Dan almost electrocuted himself trying to disconnect it, as it was a wonky wiring job on a 220 line. Aieee!!! It means that we will be totally re-wiring the house instead of just sections of it. sigh….. glum….. sigh… I really was hoping to not have to redo the entire kitchen that way.

We also went down and got our copies of the Huerfano Journal! Huzzah!!! Very happy! Brian and Gretchen were glad to have the first one under their belts.

Tomorrow is turkey day. We are having home made pizza. I really don’t like turkey, so I tend to find alternative dinners for Tday and Yule.

One thought on “Brrrr!!!!

  1. We have set in motion replacing three windows in the house this year. They came out and measured, we’re just waiting for hunting season to be over so they will come and do the job.
    It is cold here, too, today.

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