Parade of Lights and more Snow!

Oh gods! Woke up this morning at around 6am to discover it was snowing! Cold too! So, I crawled back into bed for a few hours. My shoulder was hurting too, so I relished a bit of a sleep in.

Snow! Brrrr!!!!

Once I did get up, there was a bunch of stuff to do. Lunch of course was left over pizza. :> I went off to do some shopping. One stop was at Edla’s Yarns. It’s our local yarn shop. Got some lovely wool and needles to make a hat. Yellow, orange and red wool. Yummm! Then I went off to the Family Dollar to buy wrapping paper, ribbons and a hat for the bucket truck. Reason being that tonight was the Parade of Lights, and we were dressing up the bucket truck to put in the parade. Little Morgan gave us a hand. I did the paper on the sides while Dan worked on the electrics. Granted, they were giving him fits. The inverter didn’t want to put out the power we needed. sigh…. So, we ran the penguin and not the lights. After we got the truck ready, we went to Carl’s for a bit of dinner and then went to line up for the parade.

Dan and the bucket truck

We must have sat in line for 90 minutes. It was cold! It snowed, and we waited while everyone got in line. Little Morgan and I sat in the back of the bucket truck on cushions and under a quilt with a huge box of candy next to us. The parade finally got underway, and we were tossing handfuls out to people standing by the road. One of the best shots we managed was a guy who complained that Dan was too cheap to buy candy, and we hit him with a double handful right after he shut his mouth! Oh, and we nailed the cops standing at the crossroads with candy too. teeheehee……

Linux the penguin

After the parade, we stopped by the Huerfano Journal for their open house. Chatted with Gretchen and her dad, Sig. I’m going to write a cooking article for the paper too. My great-grandma made this cake called a depression cake which was a chocolate cake made with mayonnaise instead of eggs and oil. That’s what I’m going to put in the paper. Plus, Dan is doing weekly Tech articles. I might even do one from the “ladies” point of view.

In a bit, we are going to watch a movie and then head to bed. I am looking forward to sleeping in!

2 thoughts on “Parade of Lights and more Snow!

  1. Sounds like a good, if cold time.
    Hmm… that yarn combo sounds familiar!
    I’m learning how to do socks on two circulars today, tomorrow I want to figure out how to do a lacy star tree ornament.

  2. it was fun and CoLD!

    As for the yarn, yeah,… it should sound familiar. :> Although I wasn’t able to find a chunky yarn. So, I downsized the needles and will work from there. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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