Tempset Fugit!

    Must be the wind or something, because every time I think I have five minutes to sit down and write, ***POOF*** it’s gone.  We’ve been trying to gear up for the T-1 coming into Aguilar for the WISP. Lots of antennas, computer bits and the like all arriving on the doorstep.  Trying to keep up with the paperwork is a bit daunting too. I have one big pile of receipts to deal with and I keep avoiding it. (sigh)

It’s also heading into the holiday season, and I am just not with it this year. Most things I think of that people want, they need now. Not it two-three weeks. Like Little Morgan. We took her to the drs. yesterday and then to the Mall in Pueblo. She needed a couple of pairs of jeans. Now, I could have gotten them without her knowing and not given them to her until Yule, but… she needs them now! Same way with the pair of sleep pants I made Dan. I have to re-hem them, but… I didn’t see the logic in making him wait.

I have stuff for Big Morgan, Erin, Logan, Little Morgan and that is about it. Stymied on the rest of the clan.  sigh…. Guess I’ll go looking on Friday when Dan and I head to the Springs. My mom’s fabric is in and we need to pick it up.

It snowed on the peaks and it looke beautiful this morning. Smelled nice too. Living in a desert, you notice the smell of moisture so acutely. We also had deer in the yard the other morning. Dan got pictures.

Deer next door!

We have also been dealing with a skunk under the house. Dan went under to do some wiring and came up so fast you’d have thought he was shot from a cannon.  He came almost nose to nose with a big skunk. We called Animal control and checked out a trap. So far the skunk is smart enough to leave it alone. sigh..

I’ve been working on knitting too when I have a chance. One sock to go before Yule. Hope I make it. Been reading some good books too. A Lick of Frost by L. K. Hamilton, and am working on Hood by Lawless. Very good. I have two more on hold at the library and am trying to find time to read. In fact, that’s what I really want to do today instead of working. Oh well…

2 thoughts on “Tempset Fugit!

  1. Whew! I’m there with you.
    Mostly I’m only getting gifts for Oscar. We had his families Christmas back in November, and health will keep me from my family celebration this year. It’s kind of a releif to have come to that conclusion, and just relaxed.
    I;ve had Oscar’s gifts on the mantle since November 1st, and whenever the winter blahs get him down, he gets to open one. I’ll be getting my yule gifts on the 21st from him.

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