Brrr! ~~~Phewwwww~~~ Brrr!!!

    It is 55 degrees in my office. Bloody cold! We got about 8 inches of snow the other day and it has yet to warm up. Granted, it is suppose to snow more tonight. Brrr!!! I know we need the moisture, but oh my for better heating.

We also dealt with a skunk yesterday. Yeah, the one under the house at 520 Penn. I was only suppose to be over there briefly to grab a few things when Dan realized that the trap had been sprung and we had a skunk. So, we started trying to deal with it and it of course sprayed. Luckily, we had put a black trashbag around the trap and most of the spray hit the bag. Dan got a bit of it, and the rest went into the air. We loaded the skunk up in the truck and headed out of town to let it go. We didn’t want to kill it. Well, it sprayed again while in the truck. Phewwww!!! We let it go and then headed home to the house on Walsen. Dan and I both had to shower as we stank. I washed all the clothes and coats as well as gloves and hats. Ugghh….. We bombed the truck with air freshener and left the hatch open. Hopefully, it will de-skunk soon.

Meanwhile, I made an awesome pot of lentil soup and homemade drop biscuits. Ate way too much! I got some knitting done and even some sewing done over the weekend. Sleep pants for some at Yule. :> Hopefully a new hot water bottle cover too.

This morning, Dan and I took the kids to school. He was worried about the road. I was rather relieved to let him drive. Then we spent the day trying to sort out a huge delivery from UPS.  When it was time to pick up the kids, Dan decided to drive again. I was so happy he did as we had car problems. One of the spark plugs came loose and was causing the car to run really rough. We pulled over and Dan checked things out while I called John to go pick up the kids. He did while we took the car slowly back to Burg. We got to NAPA  in time and bought a new spark plug and a tool to put it in. Brrrroooomm! Started up just fine.  We took it for a bit of a test drive and then came home. Dan will tighten the spark plug down in a bit and then I will head home for the night. Brrrrr!!!

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