Sewage and ice and shopping oh my!

What a day… (Saturday) The sewer blocked up again. So, Dan and I headed off to La Veta Tru Value to rent the sewage snake yet again. Gaggggggg! I guess I aught to be grateful that Dan knows how to work the damn thing and actually does it. Two hours later, the laundry room was clean and the sewer was draining properly.

Then we had to drive back to La Veta. The wind was blowing the snow all across the highway and it was slick! Everywhere it looked like water on the road was in fact ice! We stopped and got Dan something to eat as he was exhausted from working the snake. It took forever to go and come back.

Once we got back, we took turns showering and then I headed to Pueblo with John and Daniel. It’s our usual payday shopping trip. Granted, it was a little crowded with Daniel in the back. We did part of the shopping and then went to dinner at Taco Bell. After that we did the last of the shopping at Walmart. Daniel got Logan some little slippers and two shirts. They are really cute. We got home around midnight. Unpacked everything and tried to get it all put away. Sort of hard as there were dishes everywhere. They had forgotten to put dish soap on the list, so of course…. no one could do dishes. sigh… I remedied that this morning with a quick trip to Safeway. What a combo. Trashbags, dish soap and cat food. Wheee….

Today, it is still cold here, but compared to the last few days it is a heat wave. A whole 35 degrees! Snow is melting, pipes thawing and lots of drippy mess that will all turn to ice about fifteen minutes after sundown. Ah well…

So far today, I’ve done laundry, gone shopping, “gone to work” at 520, cleaned up a kitchen, done some dishes and edited two articles for the Huerfano Journal. Oh, and proof-read the website for Dan. Now to wrap a few gifts and do up a Yule Letter. Oh, and write Yule cards. Wheee……

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