Winter Solstice!

    Gads, it has been ages since I wrote last. It has been a busy week or two. Lots of stuff done for Yule and prezzies wrapped at the last minute. Plus, Beth bought lamb for Yule dinner and therefore we had roast lamb! (more on that later)

Friday morning, (21st) we got up at the crack of dawn. I had my drum, and the kids had pots and pans. Dan had his elk call and John his drum. We all stood at the window facing east and just before sunrise, we started our usual cacophony of noise to wake up the sun.  Once we had felt that the sun was truly awake, we settled down in the living room with prezzies to open and sausage rolls and cookies to eat. I had made tons of sausage rolls the night before.  We took turns opening prezzies and Dan took lots of photos. Beth did as well, but I don’t have copies of those yet. Here is a link to the Yule pics.

There were lots of lovely prezzies. I got two new bags that I can use as yarn project bags, a new book, stickers, a keychain and candy. :> The funniest thing was all the cups. Dan got three, John two and Beth one. The year of the coffee cup!

Afterwards, John and Beth had to go to work. Blah…. Then again, we just thought we might have a chance to rest when Dan and I also got called to work. One of our clients had their server crash. What a cluster that was. The person who had previously set up the server didn’t know his arse from his elbow. It took us 2.5 hours to fix things. sigh….

Then I went home and started working on dinner. Roast lamb, savoury pumpkin/potato soup, green beans and home made pecan pie for dessert. It was heavenly! When Dan got back from another job, (installing the NOC box at the hotel), we sat and watched the latest Harry Potter movie. It was good.

Woke up the next morning to new snow on the ground. Pretty good for the first day of winter. I greeted the sun privately, then went back to bed for a bit. Got up, made breakfast and then John and I headed out to run some errands. We stopped at Edla’s Yarn’s first and while I originally went in to just get a set of size 8 double pointed needles, I ended up adding some bulky yarn in two colors as well as some very fine sock yarn to my pile. :>

Then it was off to see Damon. I had a pecan pie that I made for him and Pauline. We visited with him for about two hours and then we stopped at Safeway for dog food and some soda. I dropped him off at the house and went over to the office for a little bit. Yeah! Mostly head time to just have some peace and quiet as Dan and Karen were out doing work on the hotel site. I got home a few hours later and knitted a bit before bed.

Sunday I slept in and then took some books and DVD’s over to Damon and Pauline. Also a birthday card for Pauline. After a lovely visit, I went over to 520 to check on Dan. When I had come by earlier, I had discovered that he was ill with a migraine. Still walking around trying to do things, but I stopped that. Put him to bed and took his shoes. When I came back around 5pm, he was still asleep. He finally woke around 5:45pm feeling better. A good thing too, as Karen wanted to take us to dinner and talk business. We went to the Rambler where the enchiladas are very good. Got a lot accomplished. When I got home, I knitted while watching a program on JFK and then Lincoln.

Woke up late this morning and hit the ground running. Shower, breakfast and then laundry. Gads it piled up! I swear that people hide it and then dump it down the chute just as I think I’m done. grrrrr….. Did a bunch of ironing and finished Dan’s second pair of sleep pants. Started on some repairs between laundry loads and even started some spaghetti sauce.

Got the sauce to the simmer point and then headed over to the office for the duration of the Bronco game. The guys don’t like me to even be in the same house when they are playing. Think I’m a jinx. ah well….

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