It snowed on the 25th. Lots of it, and very cold. A white christmas and a white yule. Wow. Wednesday, I went and ran errands, and dealt with the harsh white light on the snow. Or so I thought. Went to bed that night with a bit of a headache, but didn’t think it was much of one. Didn’t even take any aspirin. (dumb!)

Woke up Thursday morning and felt horrid. Sort of that spin around too much kind of ill. Realized I was moaning more than talking and the next thing I knew, I had aspirin and water in my hand. Took it and went back to sleep. Woke up every time the phone rang or the door opened. I was light sensitive and noise sensitive. Uggghh…  Woke later to the smell of food. Dan had brought me ramen noodles and tea. I could barely hold my spoon. I think it took me an hour to eat. Baddddd Migraine. Slept some more, had more aspirin, more tea and then finally around dark, I had dinner. Soup and a grilled cheese sandwich. Then of course I slept some more. Finally around 11pm, I began to feel human. Gingerly read my book for about 45 minutes. I think that was the slowest I’ve read in probably 35 years. Went back to bed and slept till 10am.

This is the first migraine in a long time that has nailed me that hard. Today I still feel a bit washed out. I have been on the computer a bit, but won’t stay on long. I am finding it hard on the eyes. And if them that hold the aspirin find out, that will be the end of my journaling and computer use for the day. Better go while I am still allowed out of bed. sigh…

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