Heat, glorious HEAT!

    Ok, I know it is only about 53 degrees outside, but it feels like a heatwave. It is 65 in my office and that is without a heater! Even the snow is melting!

It is such a nice change. Albeit a short one no doubt. We will see. Yesterday was fairly nice too. After a late start, Dan and I headed to Pueblo to do the shopping. We had to stop at Sam’s Club first and get the tires rotated and balanced. Somewhere along the way I had thrown a tire weight.  It made for very wobbly driving at certain speeds.

After Sam’s, we had dinner at the Texas Roadhouse. Yummmm! Then it was off to Petco, Staples, Target and Walmart. We would have gone to Vitamin Cottage, but they closed earlier than I expected.  As it was, we didn’t get home until nearly midnight. Long day! I didn’t finish unloading groceries until nearly 1am.   Oscar whined outside the door the whole time, because “mama” was locked in! sigh…

Once we got done, I curled up in bed.  I had to get the dogs off of it and out of the room. Of course this morning Oscar had to help me get dressed. Checked the skirt, the tights and the shoes out to make sure “mama” was ok. It was a riot of dog noses and dog hugs.

Today I have tried to get some of the paperwork caught up, but my mind wasn’t on it. Much more entertained by Youtube videos and silly emails. Ah well…

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