Calm before the storm

    We have lovely clear weather at the moment with just a bit of wind. However, we are suppose to wake up to about 6 or more inches of snow by morning. Maybe even 9 inches by Friday morning. Wheeee…… Can you tell I’m tired of cold weather?

This week has been fairly calm business wise. We are working on the T-1 cable settings for the Budget Host hotel. Dan has had router issues, but we think he has them settled. What we really need though is for him to get it all up and running so that we can start making some profit. Plus, Karen has finally made the last trip up from Louisiana and is moving into her house on Colorado Street. Dan is helping her unpack this afternoon.

Last night I went to the Peakview Open House and Dedication. They finished the 4 thru6 grade section of the school which means we now have PreK thru 12 on one big campus.  I was invited because I was on the school board when we started this project oh so  many years ago. As a thank you gift, all of the past and present boardmembers got a water colour painting of the Spanish Peaks that can be seen from the big stairwell windows of the new school.

Spanish Peaks

Today I am catching up on paperwork from about six different directions. Some of it I know what to do with, others… I’ll wait until I can corral Dan or Karen. Wheee….. I think I like tax paperwork almost as much as snow. Or, headaches. I’ve had one for most of the last 36 hours and am fed up with them.

On with the paperwork…

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