Wet stuff falling from the sky… again.

All together now, can you say “snow!”???? Well, it is doing it again. Snowing that is. I left 520 last night and it was warm. 45-50 degrees. I didn’t grab my snowboots, because with clear blue starlit skies, I didn’t think I’d need them. Silly me.

Instead, I woke up at 6:15am to see that it was white outside. White with about 6 inches of snow covering everything. Sheesh. I had to chase the two kids back downstairs to put warmer clothes on. Silly gits had nothing but teeshirts on under their coats. I have to admit though that our weather has been fickle.

Saturday, 75 degrees.
Sunday, 24 degrees. 6 inches of snow
Monday, 40’s.
Tuesday, Windy and 50’s.
Wednesday, 32 degrees so far and 9 inches of snow. It’s 1pm, and still snowing. It is a heavy powder snow.

Yesterday was also fun in that Dan lifted a battery wrong out of the back of the truck. He thought he was ok, until about 10 minutes later when he went to bend over and pick up a towel. <insert crackling noises, screams of pain and a whimpered “Jaye…. help!”> His whole back spasmed and it took us ten minutes to cross the living room so he could sit down.

When I got to 520 today, he was still in bed, and didn’t get up for another hour. Now of course, he is the invalid in the chair complete with hot water bottle and snacks. Oh, and he is playing with frequency harmonics. Uuuuhhhhh…….. Come to find out that I hear things much lower than the “average” human. 10 hertz. Hmmm…. guess dog whistles are out of the question eh?

2 thoughts on “Wet stuff falling from the sky… again.

  1. That is so cool that you can hear lower sounds!

    Hey, are you short any specific knitting needles? I just bought a huge lot on ebay, including several pairs with British sizing.

  2. It is cool, except when Dan is testing things and I feel like howling! :>

    As for the needles, let me check. I have stuff at the house and office, so I’ll need to look.

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