Wow it was wonderful! I actually went somewhere without 3 layers of clothing and a coat! I think it got up to about 60 today. Happy dance!

The day started out a bit hectic. After my car being “ill” for the last 10 days, Dan finally got it working enough for me to drive it. There are still some issues, but… I can drive. So, I took the kids to school, went to the office and promptly got sent to bed. I had a headache, and Dan recognized it. So, I got aspirin stuffed in me, and me stuffed in bed so that I could sleep it off. I managed 3 hours before the phones just kept waking me up. Ah well…

My parents got here yesterday to work on their house some more. John and I had lunch with them at the Huerfano Cafe. It’s a nice little hole in the wall greasy spoon. Decent food. After lunch, Mom and I went to the local healthfood store. I got some things I needed and Mom got Wasabi peas. :>  Then we headed to the office where I did a bit of paperwork and got my new phone all set up. I finally traded mine in as the battery wouldn’t hold a charge. This one is an i710. Very sleek.

We headed over to Mom’s house and I helped her put shelf paper in her cupboards. Then it was off to pick up the kids and take Mom to the bank. Right now, I’m catching up on all the bits I missed earlier and waiting on an ebay bid. Wheee…..

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