Saturdays here in the West,….. think it was supose to be Spring!

Honestly, you’d think it was still midwinter! Woke up to 2 more inches of snow and the temperature was 28 degrees! Brrrr! Had to climb back into long undies and pull the heater into the bedroom last night. I am so ready for warmer weather!

Last night Dan and I watched Sweeny Todd. Good movie. We watched it in between calls from Karen and Carlos. Figured it was the best use of the oddball bits of time between business. Johnny Depp sounds like David Bowie from Labyrinth when he sings. Lovely voice!

Woke up this morning, and while I don’t know what I was dreaming, my brain was thinking in Deutsch. Ja, ganz und gar Auf Deutsch! Es war sehr interesant sein! Und, ein bisssen unglaublich.  Ich denke auf Deutsch, Ich spreche auf Deutsch. Sehr lange war die Morgan.

Today we are starting to get Morgan packed for her trip to DC. She is so excited! Dan stuck one of his flannel shirts in her bag for her to snuggle when she’s gone. I think that the only thing she is really missing is a raincoat or light jacket to take with her. Granted, if it doesn’t warm up, she’ll have to take her heavy coat with her as well.

Must be off to rotate laundry, and do boring household bits. Unless of course Dan and Karen call saying that they will be doing tower work. If that’s on, I’ll be grabbing Erin and heading off to Aguilar. Wheee…… We tried yesteday, and the weather was bad enough that we canceled yet again. Had a premonition about Dan falling, and there was just no way we were going to go down there! Nope! Not even going to watch that happen if I can help it.

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