First Flight! (or, Jr. g33k takes her first job)

Well, sorta…

Yesterday, I got a call from a client of ours who is very sweet although not exactly tech savvy. Her computer was being flooded with pop-ups saying that her virus protection was dead. I tried to walk her through the process on the phone, but soon realized that she couldn’t cope. So, I explained what was going on to Dan. While I was talking to him and wondering how he was going to have time to go do this, I realized that the client had Vista. A platform that neither of us are very familiar with in any way. So, while he tried to get to a stopping point, I decided that I could go and do this job. All it was was a software clean up and install. So, I told the client I’d be right down. I think I actually surprised Dan. :>

So, I hopped in Little Red Truck and headed off to her shop. She has an antique mall type place. I found out that she hadn’t done any updates and that her MacAfee’s had gone dead. It took me forever to find where to uninstall programs. Not to mention I got sick and tired of Vista’s “Nanny mentality” real fast. grrr……. Cleared up the files, downloaded programs and started to run them. Couldn’t get things to do what I wanted, because Adobe 7.5 wasn’t interacting well with Vista. Had to dump that and start again. By this time, I am getting good with Vista… sigh.

While the programs were running, I went to see if Daniel’s flowers were ready. They weren’t, so I have to pick them up later this morning. Wheee… Prom! Talked to John on the phone for a minute. He was laughing about me having “fun” with Vista. I went back and did some more work. Gave her Firefox, Thunderbird, AVG and Adobe 8. I got everything working except her email. I lhad AVG running it’s stuff and by this point, Dan had shown up to see what was taking so long. rolls eyes He was teasing me of course. However, I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, so we left AVG doing it’s thing and went to eat dinner.

While we were eating dinner, I found out that John had called looking for me and Dan had taken the opportunity to tell John how proud he was of me. That I had gone from computer illiterate to jr. g33k with enough confidence to go out and help some one else. 🙂 I was embarrassed and happy all at the same time.

We went back this morning and between Dan and myself, we got her email up and running as well as finished all the updates, virus clean-ups etc. Wheeeee! We picked up Daniel’s flowers and dumped the deposit in the bank.

The rest of this afternoon has been spent adding Digg, Technorati and accounts. Fun…… I hope. Oh, and Prom to photograph tonight.

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