Oh Where did the week go?

Really! Where did it disappear to? And while we’re at it, where did April go? It’s the 5th of May for goodness sake! Typical May of course. Denver got 3 inches of snow on the 1st, and we had a cold day. No Beltaine nudity in this state! At least not outside! brrrrrrr!!

Life as usual has run over me, leaving it’s footprints across my back. Monday was my 30th wedding anniversary. Didn’t feel much like celebrating. Not exactly sure why, but it didn’t help that I had a Strategic planning meeting to go to. Not much choice to avoid it either. John has something going as well, so it ended up being one of those days when neither one of us saw much of the other.

The rest of the week seemed to scream by. Totally lost Tuesday. Wednesday Dan and I met with Gaye Davis and discussed grants and the USDA. Wednesday night was Family Math and literacy Night at Gardner School. We made hand puppets, did puzzles, and had lots of fun.  Work has been busy because we are getting more customers by the day. wheeeee! Of course that means more paperwork and such, but I knew it was coming. Thursday we had lunch with this insurance agent. He was just creepy. Friday I had lunch with Pauline. We caught up one what we both were doing. It has been way too long since I’ve seen her and she lives in town! gads… Friday Daniel also went to Canon City with some friends for the weekend. Saturday was spent trying to catch up on various bits and bobs.

By the time I got home most evenings, I was too tired to do much, but I did get some sewing done. I’ve been working on a fleece blanket for John. Bears of course. I’ve had the patchwork and fleece pinned for probably three months. This week, I finally had a chance to do some quilting work. I did sort of a freehand bit. Followed the stronger lines in the panel print and did some stitch-in-the-ditch around the edges. Hope to get the binding on it later. I also did some repair work on the autumn quilt that Dan has on his bed. Oscar chewed it last winter and it needed some major repairs. I have some fabric that matches what is in the quilt and have been doing freehand cut leaves to scatter across the quilt where there are holes. I probably have 10-15 more leaves to add to it before all the tears are covered. However, it is whole enough to use again. Last but not least, I’ve been knitting on my bed shawl and started playing with a wild yarn that’s all slubby and multi-coloured. I’m making a scarf out of it.

Sunday was our grocery trip to Pueblo. John and I headed up around noon. On the way up, we decided to go see a movie. No idea what was playing, but… we checked out the marquee. We decided on Ironman. Grabbed a quick bit of lunch at SouperSalad and then headed to the theater. Umteen gillion previews and then finally the movie. I have to admit that I was ready to be disappointed. Wrong! It was fantastic! Lots of computer geek stuff in it and I was having a wonderful time looking at it. Especially when I realized I really understood exactly what the programs were and where CGI fit in, etc. At one point the main character is being fitted into this robotic exoskeleton and I sat there thinking that that was the sexiest “robot” I had ever seen. Then I started giggling, because I had that realization of just how g33ky a statement that was. John turned to me and asked what on earth I was giggling about as it was not a funny part of the movie. I explained, and then he was giggling. Oh gods I’m turning into a 1st class geek! When I told Dan about this geek epiphany, I thought he was going to split his sides laughing.

After the movie we did the shopping in record time. Well,… until we got to Walmart. It went a little slower because John cruised through the CD’s and DVD’s. Then I went through the clothes. Found a pair of Mutts sleep pants and a Tink top. Found Dan 4 teeshirts and a pair of black cargo pants. John and I found him a cool tropical print shirt.

We headed home around 9pm. It had been a good day all in all. I did some laundry and actually hung it outside! Then off to bed.

Of course, the alarm went off way too early. I got up, showered and out the door with Matt and Morgan in record time. Got petrol, picked up Nadia, drove to Badito and dropped them off for the school bus. When I got back, Daniel was actually ready to go and met me outside. Good thing! After I dropped him off, I picked up my mom and we headed over to 520. Dan was trying to get a bath, and so we got the groceries in out of the truck while we waited for him. Then we went off to breakfast. After breakfast, Dan went off to Aguilar with the new antenna Dad picked up for us on Friday. Mom and I went to Safeway, Family Dollar and then I dropped her off.

Now it’s nearly 2pm, and I’ve managed to do my ‘morning commute’, write this journal entry and answer the phone. Tonight we have Mom coming over for dinner, a late meeting with the partners and then I’m crawling into bed before the damned alarm rings at 6am!

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