Frustrating Friday

Today we went to Pueblo for the payday shopping. It was Dan and I this time as he had car parts to return. My heart wasn’t into the trip. It was hot and I was distracted. Why? Because we are having problems with the business. Financial problems. We’ve tried to get Karen and Carlos to understand what is happening and feel like we are hitting our heads on a brick wall.

I”m not sure what is going to happen. Granted, if things go tits up, I’ll have plenty of time to sew and write again.

Erin, Morgan and Logan came for dinner. Neither Dan or I were very hungry. Now we are listening to Eddie Izzard while Erin and Dan clean up the office. I will reorganize mine tomorrow.

Granted, I think I will sleep late tomorrow. Pull my pillow over my head and just stay in bed as long as I dare. I’m scared/nervous/upset/frustrated/angry and tired all at once.

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