I should have known it would be one of those days. After the long hot day in Pueblo, I never really cooled off. Nor did I sleep very well last night. It didn’t help that at one point, that the puppy and Tosoto decided to have a fight on my side of the bed. LIterally over the top of me. I still don’t see how I got away without a zillion scratches.

7am, the alarm went off. I had a meeting to go to. Stratigic Planning Committee. The only thing that stood between me and being at that meeting by 9am was the beginnings of the headache from hell. The alarm was too loud. The room to bright. Oh, and standing up to get any aspirin was just so out of the question. Luckily, pitty was taken on me. Aspirin and water appeared and I went back to sleep till 8:15am. At that point, I had the headache down to a dull roar.

Normally, I would have just blown off the meeting. However, we have been trying to get this District Strategic Plan done since February. So, off I went. Dan had to bring me my glasses that I forgot. Headache head =’s no brain. We got some stuff done, but by 2pm, it was clear that we were all ready to just call it a day. We will tackle this monster on June 23rd.

Came home and took a nap. By 6pm the headache was better, but still not gone. I’ve just taken it easy. I think I’ll take my cup of tea and head off to bed.

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