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I had planned to tell all about the adventures of my parents being here and other bits of last weekend, and all that went to hell in a handbasket. Dan and Beth told Matt and Morgan about Tirion last night. They had an imprompto Samhain/wake for Tirion. Told stories and remembered things until nearly midnight.  By the time I got organized, I was too tired.

So, let’s try this again.

My parents who had originally planned to come in on the 17th, rescheduled their trip because my dad discovered he has a very small treatable cancer in his bladder. At the time, he didn’t have the go ahead to travel. However, on the 16th, he did get permission as he was going to start medical treatment some time after the 23rd. So, they packed up the car and headed to Walsenburg. They got here on Thursday, which was the beginning of the fast action house attack. Just how much can you get done in four days?

Friday, Dan went to La Veta and rented the sewer snake. He got home late, and the evening thunderstorm had rolled in. Water, lightning, sewer…. Nope! Not going there.

We attacked Mom and Dad’s sewer on Saturday morning. Well, he did. Mom and I ran away to the Black Diamond Jubilee. Not the best town based festival this year. However, I did find some treasures at the FOL booksale. After I picked up Dan, the trash, and the sewer snake, we went over and cleaned out 203’s sewer. That of course meant cleaning up 205’s as well since they are linked. Daniel helped Dan out. Loaded the snake up a second time and headed to 520. Now, keep in mind that this damned thing weighs nearly 60 pounds if not more. It’s a two person lift most days. Dan of couse had been hefting it himself. stupid!!!

When we got to 520, the thunderstorms hit again. This put the sewer swiping to Sunday. Poor Dan. This was the bad one. He used two gallons of bleach to kill all the nasties. It also took nearly three hours to fix it. There was a broken toy and a rock clogging the sewer. We didn’t get the snake back until Monday, which means that I owe an arm and a leg for the damned thing, but… we did four houses!

Between the muck, bleach and allergies, Dan came down ill. Fever, sneezing and a gallon of snot. Ewww! Wrenched his arm and back lifting the snake too. Our neighbor across the street who watches everything that goes on even chided him about not being a young kid! Dan had to agree with him. I know that Erin and Karen were peeved that he was sick and not able to go off on whatever adventures they wanted him for, but… too bad. He only gets paid by the job and there was no way he could do anything safely feeling like he did. Here it is Friday and he still feels rough!

We also planned out all the repairs that need done on 520 and started a roster of what order they need done. Bewtween time and money, I figure it will take at least a year. Maybe less, but a year is my estimate. Our first project is to fix the front porch.

Monday I also went to hopefully the last Strategic Planning Committee meeting for RE-1. It’s been going on for nearly four months. Now to see if the District Accountability committee approves of it and then the school board. gads!

Today has been busy. Slow at work, as no one is here, not even Pattie. I did get a job application for the Housing Authority. Dan took it in for me this morning. Not sure when I will get an interview or even if I will get one. If not, I’ll keep looking and call around. My luck, Pattie will quit, the new person will take her job and then this position will be open again. sigh…

I’m watching the Nelson Mandela Birthday concert while I’m typing. He is 90 this year on July 18th. To me Mandela is a hero.  I remember watching his release on the BBC. What a moment in history.  John shares the birth date with him.

Probably aught to go do something. Anything… Sitting here waiting for the phones to ring is mind numbing! Only two more hours to go.

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