A not so lazy Saturday

I did manage to sleep in, but after a week of late nights, an extra hour or so isn’t much. Ah well. Went to sleep last night with Daniel’s new puppy in my arms. He was out being a boy and the puppy needed company. Somewhere around 2am, Daniel came in and got the puppy. I really wish he’d hurry up and rename him. I don’t like the name Fatty for a dog. I’d rather call him Baby for the rest of his life. Oh well.

I showered, dressed, hauled laundry off the clothesline with Morgan’s help and threw more in the wash. Then I headed over to 520 to get some stuff done. Mostly clean up. In a bit, I’ll be moving desks around. I am loosing my office with a corner view. Needed to happen so that we can lift the porch up and make it level. It has about a 5 degree cant which means that I always feel like I am sliding down hill. Ah well. I get the next spot in the living room, just across from the door. Not a great view, but it will have to do for now. We have to do something fast as the front door doesn’t want to latch correctly. The house is built on a hill that use to be riverbank a few million years ago, so it constantly shifts…. Downhill!

Once I get all the stuff moved, Dan will have to do some rewiring. sigh… He only just got it straightened out from removing the office stull. I’ll have to be very sweet to him since I’m making extra work for him.

I’m still a bit of a wreck from the events of the week. I’ll be just fine and then something will remind me of Tirion and the tears well up. It probably seems sort of silly for someone that I only knew through lists, email and chat, but… it isn’t.

Combine that with not getting the job at the D.A.’s full time and my stress meter is just about pegged. Sort of hard to qualify what bugged me about it, but Dan just about hit the nail on the head. It isn’t that I couldn’t do the job or didn’t do it right, but that I did above and beyond expectations, improved the office and did do an excellent job of it. However, for the woman choosing the new secretary, it wasn’t enough. Nothing I could have done would have been enough. That’s what hurts. She was condesending, and didn’t even want to tell me that I didn’t get the job. Pattie had to force her to do her job! Oh well. Dan also said that if they didn’t choose me, they screwed up. I guess we will see. Now I have to wait and see if I get the Housing Authority job or if I call Marge Durham.

I guess I’ve played around on the computer long enough. I need to get these desks moved. It’s either that or curl up in a ball and cry.

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