The Road North

Is far too often traveled lately! Pueblo is only 50 miles away, but having been there nearly six times in the last ten days is getting a tad old. We went up again on Tuesday. We had parts for a job to pick up and Carl to go visit. All total, we grabbed dog food, phone wire, phone boxes, a printer cartridge and tp. Wheee…. Such exciting shopping. We also discovered that one of our favourite shops was closed. 🙁 No more Instant Karma. Yes, that was really the name of the shop.

Our visit with Carl was good. He was actually in better spirits than he had been. Still waiting for transfer to Denver. I don’t see why the VA doesn’t just pay for him to stay at Parkview. It would make so much more sense. Oh yeah… sorry, my logic circuits forgot that the military and hence the VA don’t operate on logic! Sigh… Meanwhile, we wait to hear when he will be transfered.

Yesterday we were suppose to get some work done on the phone job. Hahahaha! The customer had new vendors coming in, so we figured we’d wait until the evening.We had the phone ringing off the wall as well. One call was a friend of our who we talked to for over an hour. 🙂 Others were for jobs. Dan went and fixed stuff for Karen in Aguilar that she had totally botched and I went to Armida’s. This is our local “oh my fancy clothes store” in town. Sort of pricey, but very nice. I must have tried on five different outfits. I really liked a few of them, but I am so not going to try and wear cream to a dinner. No way I’d keep it clean. So, I finally opted for two blouses that are really nice and that I can wear with jeans or skirts. One is pale lavender and the other is black. Button up, princess cut with lace and sparkley bits. I’m going to get a pair of black jeans to go with the black top and I have a white skirt to wear with the lavender one.

Why the new clothes? Well… I’m going to my 30th reunion. Wheeee…. No Idea of how it will go, but I hope to enjoy myself.

Around 6pm, I went out to Marge Durram’s. She is in need of a home help person who doesn’t mind dogs and can actually work, drive in the snow, etc. She is an older woman in poor health that rescues dogs. Her current help is due to leave in a week. She interviewed me and now will try and get the hiring agent, COG, to want to hire me. Here’s hoping.

When I got back, Dan and I went out to dinner. Karen actually paid him! We went out to the Rambler. Chicken enchiladas!!! Our waitress was tired though and the plate way too hot. She dropped one. Mine. Oh well. Dan was almost finished by the time I got my dinner. They didn’t charge us for my dinner, so Dan gave the waitress who had burned her hand a really good tip. We figured that they may have docked her for the dinner as she dropped it.

When I got home, I showed John the tops and we talked about this festival in Missouri in October. He said I could go, as it would help him figure out what to give me for my birthday! Wheeeee! Jolene may go with me so that she can visit her parents while I go play in the caverns.

Today started out misty and rainy. Neither Dan or I are very motivated. We still have to get the phone wiring job done, visit Brian and Gretchen at the Huerfano Journal and my parents arrive around 2pm. Wheee….

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