My 30th High School Reunion

Oh gods! What a weekend.

My parents did arrive on Thursday as planned. I visited with them for a bit and then instead of going shopping in Pueblo as planned, ran around trying to get all sorts of things done. Ha! Mostly I got caught up on some laundry, packed things for my trip and tried to organize stuff at the 520 house.

Friday I got up early, showered, finished packing, did lots of running around -like the proverbial chicken minus the head- and finally got out the door by noon. Frustrating as I still had to go to Pueblo to buy jeans and shoes.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate shopping? Especially for things like shoes and bras. I found my jeans in 10 minutes. The shoes took nearly 2 hours. I went to Payless, Walmart and finally Target. I found two pairs of flip flops. One pair is brown leather and very minimal. The other pair is tan suede with cream, and pale rose beads on the straps. I also found some blue mascara for myself. (wheeee… shades of high school… )

Then it was off to Denver. I got there early and drove around to find where the reunion bits were being held. I found Saturday’s venue rather easily. Friday night’s was a pain in the butt. I ended up calling the place to get directions. Then I found Jill’s house and relaxed. Her dogs kept barking at me. Silly mutts.

Friday night was fun. It was at the Fox and Hound tavern. There were probably 100 of us there. I have to admit that I was afraid I wouldn’t recognize anyone. Wrong! Granted, the name tags helped, but… teeheehee…

Friday night!
Friday night!

I saw all sorts of people I hadn’t seen in at least ten years and some I hadn’t seen in thirty! Robbie being one of them.


It was so neat to see her. It was like we hadn’t seen each other in 30 minutes instead of 30 years. Walking around I visited with lots of people. I showed off pictures of the tribe and chatted for nearly four hours. Robbie and I left together and stood in the parking lot for nearly an hour talking. Got home at 12:45am!

Saturday, after sleeping in to the late hour of 8am, I got up, visited with Jill and her daughter Franny and had breakfast. Franny wanted sausage and eggs, so they cooked while I showered. After breakfast and talking with Jill, I called Robbie. She picked me up and we went and had lunch. We talked and then went for a drive to various places around Littleton.

I took lots of pictures. Littleton High School has changed so much.

Littleton High School
Littleton High School

I really wish that the reunion had organized a tour of the school. I’d have really liked to see how the restructuring looks on the inside. Maybe we can do that next time. Robbie dropped me off around 4:30pm. I chatted with Jill again and then got ready for the evening event. This was out at the “Den at Fox Hollow” which is a golf course out on Morrison Road.

We were out under a big pavilion on the edge of the golf course. The volcano was a bit trite, but alright. The entertainment was funky. The musician was ok. The magician and fire eater were a bit lame. Granted, those two didn’t have much of a chance with Robbie making comments right, left and center. In some ways, she was better then them. Ok, she was a LOT better than they were.

We had lots of fun looking at year books and trying to match them to people at the party. We figured out that there were more people who had died than were listed. We also figured that the men were harder to identify than the women. Some of us aged well, some of us didn’t. I think I got told that I hadn’t changed by almost everyone. lol! I was still the “hippy” of the bunch. 🙂

I finally left around 10:30pm after saying numerous goodbyes. Crawled in bed and slept till 8am. I packed up my stuff, got ready, said my goodbyes to Jill and then headed to Pueblo. I of course had to do the shopping. gads… It was HOT in Pueblo.

I got the shopping done in just under four hours and headed home. I swear the moment I got in the door, the rain started. Monsoon season has hit Walsenburg. Meanwhile, I got the pictures loaded up on Picasa, my bags unpacked and a cup of tea. Huzzah!!!

Oh, and we saw two deer walk across the front yard.

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