My braincells are blowin’ in the wind!

After an almost windfree four days, the “breeze” has returned. Sometimes upwards of 20 miles per hour. Leaves blowing everywhere as well as what little brain I have left.

After the hectic week of the Celtic Festival, I thought that things might calm down. Sort of a time to get back into a routine.  you can stop laughing any time now! It sort of happened. Working the whole school/homeschool/work/housework routines was just about there.

Thursday, (Oct 2nd), we had Jim Conley speaking at the chamber of commerce, telling us all about his time in Iraq with the USDA. Lots of slides, stories and conversation. It was my 1st event at the chamber and it went very well.

Saturday, I was suppose to go shopping with John, but he didn’t feel good. Dan went with me instead. We had car trouble and just barely made it home. That was not a fun trip. This means that at this point we have no vehicles that work. 🙁

I spent the week walking to work or using Jolene’s car. She got sick on Tuesday night so I borrowed her car to take Little Morgan to school. Now, this car situation wouldn’t be so frustrating except that I was due to go to a festival in Missouri at the weekend. Dan tried to figure it out between working on a brochure for the chamber of commerce and doing the other stuff he had on his schedule this week. Hectic and chaotic! Dan also spent 12 hours on Tuesday hauling shelves for the library from Colorado Springs to Walsenburg. He was exhausted.

Wednesday afternoon, I had a couple walk into the visitors center asking for help. They were trying to get home to Georgia, and had run out of money and gas literally at the chamber’s front door. Their car had broken down in Boulder, and the repair bill had tapped them out. Now, I’m not a sucker for a hard luck story, but it was obvious that these kids were in need. You could see it on their faces. So, I invited them into the office and gave them some water while I called around to see if anyone in town did travelers aide. They also wanted to know if they could sleep in the park. NO! No way!

I was amazed to find that there is NO travelers aide in this part of the state. The couple told me that they had asked in Denver and had been turned down. Even the churches. Compared to what they knew of in Georgia, they were astounded. The whole thing left me so frustrated that I made a decision. The guy had said he was a carpenter and willing to work for gas money. He had asked me if I knew of any jobs or places to get day labor. I thought about that and realized that I had two closets that needed drywalled and I had the money to pay him for his work. I also had no trouble having these two people stay at my house.

I called Dan and told him that he could come pick me up. He had Jolene’s car at that point, trying to work on the truck. I also told him that I was bringing home two strays. Dan asked me what kind of strays and I told him he would see when he got here. He figured I’d found another cat or dog, and he had that “I’m unhappy” tone in his voice. He knows I have a bad habit of collecting strays.

Dan showed up about five minutes later and was puzzled when he walked into the office to see two people. I explained and he had the same reaction I did. Take them home. When we got to 520, Dan and I talked privately. We went back to where Mike and Brittany were sitting and said that we knew they needed money, and we had a job for Mike if he wanted it. Two closets that needed drywalling. I don’t think it took him more than ten seconds to decide. Didn’t even ask what we would pay him. The only thing he did ask was were were the tools and drywall.

Brittany and I went to the store for some groceries and then we made supper. We talked about kids, work, etc. They have three kids, she’s a nurse and he’s a carpenter. They’d taken a month long camping vacation and were on their way home when the car died. Mike took a break to eat dinner and then worked until nearly 11pm.

Next morning, he was back to work before I even had a cup of tea! I went to work as Thursday night was the chamber board meeting. I came home for dinner and the closets were nearly done. Dan and I went to the meeting which was interesting, and when we got home around 8pm, they were kicked back on the couch watching tv and the closets were done. We still have to mud and tape them, but the hard part was done!

This morning, we borrowed their car to ‘go get my paycheck’. We did, but it also gave us a chance to fill up their tank. We cashed my paycheck, paid on our electric bill, bought some groceries and then headed home. I gave them some money and told them how to get ahold of Travelers Aide in Albuquerque, NM. Mike and Brittany were so tearful and grateful. Couldn’t believe that anyone would be so nice or helpful. how could I do any less? I wasn’t sure they could stop hugging and thanking us long enough to get out the door. They really are a sweet couple and hope to hear from them in the next day or two that they have made it home safe to Georgia. They were also impressed with Colorado, and may decide to return.

Meanwhile, I plan to see what can be done to get Travelers Aide going in this part of the state. Mike and Brittany aren’t an isolated pair. With the weather turning cold, they won’t be the last either. I find it interesting that two pagan ministers did more for them than all the christian ministers or churches in town.

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