I’m not ready for this! Brrrr!!!

After lovely days of warm weather and the wind yesterday, I know I shouldn’t be surprised that it is cold today.

Woke up to gray skies and light breezes. It never got really warm, but by 11am, it was about 65F. Then, the clouds really rolled in along with thunder, lightning and rain. At first I thought the noise was the trains bumping cars. We can hear that fairly well even though the train yard is about a quarter of a mile away. Nope… Ten minutes later, there was no denying that the noise was thundery. Dan and I looked at each other, said “Tent!” almost simultaneously.

Heading for the back yard, we stuck the tent and dragged it to the front porch to dry. Brandy thought we were nuts!

Here it is four hours later and a chilly 43F! Brrrrr!!! Still raining, accompanied by rolls of thunder and flashes of lightning. I am so glad that we got Mike and Brittany headed south yesterday.

I keep trying to think of nice warm foods for dinner. Plus, I think I’ll pull out my knitting and watch a movie. Brrrrr!!!!

3 thoughts on “I’m not ready for this! Brrrr!!!

  1. Was that you that left a comment on my blog about changing the background? I tried to comment back to you from there but it would not let me. Oh, well.

    I am not really ready for the cold. I am ready to be done with the outside this year. We did get a start on the fence and I do hope it will get finished before the ground freezes. I am just ready to be inside and sew. This weekend was good for that and the world pretty much left me alone to do as I wanted. I have the donkey about done. Will make a new one for my boss, there are changes that need to be made in the design anyway. Started on a new cloak for me. Gee I have only had the fabric three years now so I guess it is about time. Hugs.

  2. Yes. I too think the black backgrounds are cool in some ways, but they are very hard to read.

    It is snowing down here! Brrr! And of course, we have no working vehicles at the moment…. Good thing I can walk to work. sigh…

    I want to get back to my sewing, but I need to reorganize Area 51 to do that. Morgan has sort of spread farther into the area than she was suppose to.

  3. I think my sewing area is finally under my control. The last time I moved the front room around I did a major overhaul. The tv watching section is now back where my sewing desk and computers use to be, just off the kitchen. Works great back there, less glare on tv and it is all out of the way.

    My sewing area took first priority in the plan. My area is now the wall where we use to have the tv all the time. That front corner straight across from the front door. I got rid of that horrible desk I had and now have a six foot long by probably two and a half foot wide wooden table that is my main work space. I also have one of the folding tables set up at the end of that. It is about five by three. Between the two of them end to end and two small office stands that takes up a space about twelve feet in length. My bookcases line the wall that adjoins the mud room and my table set up comes straight out from under the window. I have super good lighting during the day and can see out the door and down the street while I am sewing.

    I set up the two computer desks off my sewing table so it is all like a big work pod. And funny even though it is all right out there, the cats do not mess with my stuff as bad as they use to and things do not get dumped on my main table like before. The front folding table is kind of a community table but that is ok and if we need extra floor space it can be taken down and put away.

    I even left empty wall space to hang patterns and other items I want to look at.

    Sorry your cars are being bad. At least you can walk to the majority of your places. Folks out here with out a car are just lost and no bus service either.

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