Have you seen a week floating around here?

I’m missing one. I know that one went on, as it is over seven days since I last posted, but… where did the time go? Gads. Somewhere along the lines, I have:

  • Sent Matt to join El Fandango-a dance class/troupe/cultural thingy run by my cousin Gretchen
  • Been to parent teacher conferences with Morgan
  • Gone to work for at least 4 hours a day, M-F.
  • Totally rearranged the Workforce office and my storage area at work
  • Dealt with volunteers/board members/tourists
  • printed, collated, folded, stuffed, labeled and mailed 80+ renewal packets for the chamber
  • Gone to Pueblo for car parts for Divot
  • Cleaned out the guest house for a workspace
  • went through 2 years of microfilm searching for stories
  • seen my parents
  • sewn curtains, Yule prezzies and knitted
  • and did the whole Halloween thing last night.

Yesterday was fun. I dressed up for work. Or should that be dressed normally…??? Long black velvet dress, B&W striped socks, black shoes, pointy witch hat, pentacle and my hair going any way it wanted. I even had candy at the chamber to hand out.

After work, I had lots of errands to run. I didn’t bother to change, so I went to the bank, post office, San Isabel Electrics, Edla’s and Mountain Harmony (the local health food shop) in costume.

After I got home, I took off the hat and added my reading glasses as I was working on the computer. big surprise! We had treats waiting for the trick or treaters. Not too many at first, and then there was a rush around 7:30pm that went on for at least an hour. One little girl, probably about 3 came up to the door all dressed as a witch. I answered the door, and said Happy Halloween. She looked up… and then looked me up and down really well. Then looked at her own costume and then back at me. I smiled at her, gave her the candy and said bye! She was still giving me “the look”, with her eyes wide. Her mom, who has noticed none of this says “lets go” and starts to move the little girl down the stairs. The little girl is still giving me “the look” that says “she’s a real witch” the whole time. Steps down a step, looks back, steps, looks back all the way down the stairs. Mom still hasn’t noticed, and is nudging her down the stairs. I wave, close the door and start giggling. Dan asked me what I was giggling about and I explained. Dan started lauging and said, “No, she wasn’t expecting Aunt Jet to hand out candy.” I laughed. It’s true.

Today has been very warm. I think it was nearly 70! I ran around in a teeshirt and jeans most of the day. Beautiful Indian Summer weather.

I’d love to sleep in tomorrow, but I hope that we will be going to Pueblo for some grocery shopping. John is suppose to borrow Erin’s car as mine are still out of commission. sigh…

2 thoughts on “Have you seen a week floating around here?

  1. Ah now I know why my cloak is not done. Your week just reminded me. Monday go to Adams work office to drop off paperwork at HR to help get the boys new leg paid for. Go to work. Tuesday take boy out to Golden for sleepover at best friends house, go to work. Wednesday, off work but gotta run errands all over town and back out to Golden to get boy from sleepover. I actually stayed home Thursday before work but was to tired out I just sat around. Friday Adam stayed home and wanted me to go with on all his errands before I had to go to work. Come home carve pumpkins, that was a major mess of lack of communication all the way around. I expected the guys to carve them and get everything ready to go trick or treating by the time I got home from work which is usually 6:30. I knew I would get home just in time to start handing out candy. Had they done anything? Well not really, they cleaned the wood pile. So I shoved them out the door, carved pumpkins, handed out candy, did dishes and made dinner. Sheesh! Today I had to cash my check and get supplies, start wash and shampoo the carpet in the hallway as Timmy thinks it is funny to crap back there when our bedroom door is shut and he cannot sleep with me. So beat his little butt and cleaned every thing up good. Stupid cat!

    Loved your story about the little girl. LOL

    So thank you for reminding me where my week went. When you asked about my cloak I wondered why I had not worked on it this week. Well now I know why.

  2. LOL! So, the missing week wasn’t just a local phenomena.
    Good luck finishing the cloak. I still have tabs to put on curtains
    and two more short ones to sew. Wheeee…..

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