Last night, it was a balmy 48 or so. This morning, I woke up to ice and snow. Brrrr…. It has snowed on and off all day. Not much accumulation, but the temperature just keeps dropping.

Probably a good thing we got the windows in the guest house done yesterday too. With all that new glass, we are going to have a few feral cats get a rude awakening when they go to jump through what they think are “open” windows. It took 18 panes of glass to repair everything. Most of them were little 6×7 inch window bits. Only one was 15×15.

Dan harvested all the old glass he could first to repair the windows. We still had to buy 8 panes. It also took him nearly all day to repair everything. However, the guest house is better sealed than it has been in nearly two years.

Dan and Matt also hauled tons of garbage out of the guest house and garage. I think that there were 12 old dynamite boxes full of trash. Amazingly, the trash men took everything except the rug. Only reason they didn’t is because they were too full. Said they’d get it next week. Yahhh!!! Guess I’d better pay them!

We are driving this week. Jolene is in hospital again. More surgery on her leg where the break didn’t heal. ewwwww! So, we drive twice this week and twice next week.

At work, I’m starting the packets for chambership renewals. Wheee…. Finally got over to Mike so that he could read through what I wrote up. I did a lot of editing on the Chamber packet info. It needed it! The rest of this week and most of next will probably be spent printing packets, stuffing envelopes and dumping stuff off at the post office.

Oh, and tomorrow evening, we have parent teacher conferences. Dan, Morgan, Beth and I are going. Here’s hoping Divot behaves.

3 thoughts on “C-C-C-C-Cold!

  1. It has been way cold here as well. No snow, rain and thunder though.

    I am going to put bubble wrap up on the windows that need extra help but where we do not want to loose light. Still heating with just wood. Have not even turned the furnace on yet but we will have to soon so no pipe freeze. Too much here has never gotten done as far as winter prep. The swamp cooler still needs more cover put on it. The seam on the floor between the two halves has never been seen to and lets in a lot of cold air when the wind is blowing and I do not even want to talk about the back door in the mud room. I also need to get out and see about the little window in Brendans bathroom. The crank on it broke, the whole mechanical part and it does not feel like it is tight. So I will push is tight and duct tape over the out side and then put plastic up over the inside.

    So yes, cold, cold, cold.

  2. I know what you mean. There is always too much to do and never
    enough time to do it.
    BTW, tried to leave a comment on your blog, and it wouldn’t let me.

  3. Gee I wonder why. I checked all my settings and they should allow comments. Sigh, I am still learning this blog, well all blogs for that fact.


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