Roadrunners, birthday parties and phones

Right after I promised to try and write more often, we lost the DSL at the house. Our phone service has been screwed up since we got it. Dan tried to get it fixed. I tried. Finally in utter frustration, I called and canceled everything except the basic phone. Out of the 5-6 people who “tried to help” with our bill, only one did any good. Even he admitted that our bill was a “cluster f**k”.

I’ve been trying to keep up with email, and stuff online at work. Except for the journal. Just not enough time. I’ve gotten lots of chamber stuff done, but not much else. Dan is working on this brochure and map which has been interesting. It means that he has gotten very involved with the chamber too.

Last week, it was so warm! Nearly 75. In November!!! We went for a little drive and while Dan and Matt took a bit of a walk, I sat in the car and knitted. It was so lovely to just relax with the windows open. When we first pulled up, we saw a roadrunner sitting on the fence. That was really cool. I heard something and looked around. Nothing. Heard a noise again. Nothing. This happened 3-4 times. I was working on a green wool shawl, and was knitting away when the roadrunner jumped up into the window of the car and freaked when he realized that my green yarn was NOT a bug! I freaked too! He skittered off the car and across the bit of road to look at me like “how dare I scare him!”. Then he walked around the car a few times and hopped back up on the fence to watch me.

It wsa really very funny, when I had a chance to think about it. Dan and Matt thought it was a riot too.

I am finally feeling better too. I’ve been ill with some sort of upper respiratory infection for the last three days. I went to work, but Dan did the whole watch dog thing and kept checking on me. Granted, I work 4 hour days so it wasn’t too bad, but… it would have been nice to just stay in bed.

Yesterday we decorated the Chamber offices for the Parade of Lights festival. We have Santa here at the office after the parade. It looks really pretty and if we can get some pictures, I’ll post them.

One thought on “Roadrunners, birthday parties and phones

  1. Your chamber job sounds cool. I do miss my secretary job for the community association but I do not miss their bs.

    Drag about your phone bill problems. We get that way from time to time with various situations. Currently it is the bank that is making up its own rules as it goes along. Sigh

    Sorry you were sick, same here. Nasty head cold. I go to work soon but it would be nice to just go to bed or at least chill out. At least I did not have to work yesterday as scheduled. Volunteers came in so I got to stay home.

    Well gotta go get donkey clothes on. Hugs

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