Turkey Day and Parades

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. Dan was sick. He never really got over his cold, and it zapped him again.  He stayed in bed while the rest of us cooked dinner. I did the ham, one kind of bread rolls and cheese sticks. I made green chile relish and pecan pie the day before. It smelled so good that I was ready to the the pie right then and there.

Work went fairly fast. Monday was a little hectic. Tuesday was Oh-My-Gods!!! hectic. Dan and I did ads for the newspapers in about 3 hours. Hectic because most of the papers were “going to press” by noon or 2pm.  We got ads in the Trinidad Chronicle, Huerfano County World, Huerfano Journal, and the Pueblo Chieftain. We missed the Signature. (argh….) Once we got the ads done, I had to get the ballots for the Chamber election done. What an ordeal! Very labor intensive. Even with Dan’s help, it took about 5 hours.

Wednesday, I mailed the ballots and had a fairly busy day at work with compiling a list of businesses not on the Chamber roster. Dan worked on the brochure and my Dad found a big mistake! They’d dropped the Chamber # off the map!!! Oh gods!

Now back to turkey day… Beth did turkey, roasted brussel sprouts, baked pumpkin, cous-cous, stuffing, pumpkin cheese cake, a pumpkin pound cake, fig cake, green beans, two types of taquitos and gravy. The kids helped her a lot as did John. We ate dinner around 5pm which was fine by me. I ate more than I should have, but then again, it was Thanksgiving.

It snowed too. brrrrrr!

Today was cold, and while the snow melted fairly quickly, I think we are going to get more. It is very cold and the clouds are rolling in again. Work was slow. No one came in at all. I kept busy, and then picked Dan up. He is feeling better, but not totally over his cold. He promised Brian Orr that he’d take pictures of the parade.

The Parade of Lights starts in about an hour. Bill Downey still hasn’t come down to show me what to set up for the treats. Fun…..

Best find the keys to the lock on the one door too.

More later!

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