And the Brides wore Red and Black!!!

This event deserved it’s own post.

A friend of mine named Jessie and her significant other Tiffany got married today. I’ve known Jessie for years, and she fell head over heels for Tiffany a few years ago. They decided to hell with the rest of the world and have a pagan handfasting.

So, the wedding was today in Gardner. We were suppose to be there by 4pm, when the wedding/handfasting was suppose to start. However, you have to understand that Gardner runs on something called Gardner time. Sort of like Pagan time. John, Beth and I got there at 3:55pm. Everyone was running around like stoned chickens. 🙂 This was a B.Y.O.B. party. Now, I am not sure whether that was bring your own bottle or bong.  Some of the people there were spliffy enough to give you a contact high just saying hello. 🙂 It was interesting in that I knew more people than either John or Beth. Sort of fun to play the social butterfly. Ginny was there with Nadia, so I got to play with my granddaughter. An hour later, the handfasting started.

Jessie wore a red gothy dress complete with hoop skirt and black lace at the bottom. Black tennies with sparkly red laces. B&W tights with skulls on them. Her hair was bright burgandy and spiky. Very nice. Tiffany had most of her head shaved except for a thin mohawk straight down the center, also dyed red. She had on red “bondage pants.” The kind that have buckles, straps and chains all over them and the legs are about 2ft wide. Her shirt was black and the tie was red. Over it all, she had this fantastic frock coat. Also covered in buckles and chains to immitate lace. The tails were a good 3ft longer than she was tall. Really cool that the “groom” had the train and not the bride.

The priestess used a standard Wiccan ritual. She wrapped their hands in various colored cords and then pronounced them handfasted. Very sweet and you could tell that Jessie and Tiffany were over the moon. This was followed by lots of food and a cake. The decoration on top of the cake was a gate in the tradition of the Adamms Family. Complete with bats on top. Black and red roses, etc. Very goth. Very J&T.  They had the first dance complete with everyone at the party and then we had to head home as it had started to snow.

What a change from Monica and George’s wedding in the Catholic church a year ago. We certainly wouldn’t have had to explain any of this to Morgan had she been with us! Nice to wear the pentacles out too. Nadia had lots of fun playing with mine. In and out of my shirt, giggling away. She’s only 18 months old.

Home by 7pm. I came over to 520 to check on the dogs and Dan was already in bed. He had been up all night. So, I’ll find out how his job interview went tomorrow.

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