La Vida Pueblo

What a week. I think that I spent most of it in Pueblo. Not on purpose, but every time I turned around, we were heading up the road.

Tuesday after Dan got stuff done in town, mainly resigning from the Chamber of Commerce board, we headed to Pueblo. He had people to meet dealing with Pre-paid legal. We had lunch at Ruby Buffet and I went to Hobby Lobby. I found some cool yarn. Then we had to go over to the hotel where the Pre-Paid Legal meeting was. Found out that we had a few minutes to spare, so we headed over to Barnes and Nobel instead. I bought a book on Open Office. A sort of difinitive “how to” book. Then it was off to the meeting. Lots of “feel good” sales talk and lots of “go team go” stuff. Tolerable as Dan is starting to do the whole PPL stuff. We got home around midnight and headed straight to bed because we had a 7am meeting in Pueblo West.

5am came too damn early. However, the traffic at HWY 50 at 6:45am was more than we could cope with and so we missed the meeting. Had a nice breakfast and then went to Sam’s Club for tires. My poor little car needed new wheels to go vroooomm! Started home and then turned around on a hunch that Dan had. We went to see our favourite hippes down at the 29th St. garage. It is this huge car junk yard and the men who run it look like the Greatful Dead band members. Not that we’d ever say that to their faces. However, they are so sweet and so cool at at the same time. We asked them if they had a gas tank for my neon. They said yes. So, we asked them to fix mine. We went for a walk to see what other parts were available for my car. When we got back, the taller hippy asked if we wanted the tank replaced or just fixed. He had found the real problem!!! Not that we could have seen it without the car being on a lift. Dan and I took about 30 seconds to tell him to fix it. Wheee! 45 minutes and $75 later, my gas leak was fixed. We were happy!

We got home, took a nap and woke up to SNOW!!! A good 5 inches.

Thursday, we were suppose to get lots of stuff done that we hadn’t the rest of the week. Daniel came over with Spike, the puppy and wanted us to take him to Pueblo to buy a truck. Now, we knew that he couldn’t afford a truck nor had the credit. There was no telling him that though. So, we took care of the dogs and headed to Pueblo again.  Daniel fell in love with a truck that was not in the best of mechanical shape. Pretty on the outside, but that is about it. He got mad at us for pointing out the obvious. However, after looking lots of other places, we went back and let him try to finance it. He has no credit history, and therefore needed a cosigner. None of us could do it. Just not enough credit. So, he was peeved, upset etc. However, there is no way he’d have listened to us tell him this. He had to learn the hard way.

We took him to dinner at Ruby Buffet, and let him look at all the pretty Chinese waitresses. Then he went clothes shopping. My Gods that boy has expensive tastes. However, he does dress nicely. We got home late again.

Friday, up early as Dan had to leave for Colorado Springs and a job interview. I helped him get ready and cut his hair. Oh, and trimmed up the beard too. Sent him out the door and then went to Pueblo with John to do the grocery shopping. We did all the regular stuff, and I got a new pair of clunk around shoes as my tennies  had died. Oh! I also found a pair of high heels that didn’t make me feel like a poodle walking on two legs or in fear of breaking my ankles!!! I bought them because I will need a pair of heels come the Library Opening. Flat heeled penny loafers just don’t cut it with an evening dress. John got a new pair of dress pants and a silk shirt too. We got home fairly early, but then again, I had to get up early to go see to the dogs at 520.

7am came really early. I showered and then headed over to 520. Let the dogs out, fed them and then started to clean house. They had shredded the sheep, so there was stuffing all over. I swept, vacuumed and mopped. Finished just in time to head out for our afternoon.

More about that in the next post.!!!

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