Summertime, and life gets hectic!!!

Here I am thinking about how I won’t have to get up at the crack of dawn for three months to drive Morgan to school. Then I got to thinking about all the garden work (two houses, community garden bed and the vet’s nursing home beds), house repairs, LoboSavvy, college and maybe, just maybe… I might get a job. Damn! There went my free time. Oh well. Not that I really had any to begin with.

My day so far…

  • 6am. Alarm went off, I got dressed, made sure the kids got up, threw a load in the washer, folded the load in the dryer.
  • 6:30am. Drove to Badito, dropped off Morgan, drove home.
  • 7:30am. Showered, got dressed, and grabbed the garden gloves and tools. Oh, and shuffled more laundry. Worked on the front yard and side yard dead heading all the plants that needed it, pruned the Russian sage and some of the roses, cleaned some of the beds and totally cleaned the herb bed.
  • 9am. Went to the office. tea, breakfast and then started on stuff for LoboSavvy and my college classes.
  • 4:30pm, decided to take a break.

Now, I still have dinner to make, dishes to wash, more laundry to do and start all over again at 6am. Last day of school. Then I can sleep until 7am. Wheeee!!!

We have another pregnant cat. Lyra the one tabby. We moved Shadow over to 520 in hopes that she isn’t preggers. I’m not betting on that one. Not sure what we are going to do with all the kittens. Stella had 4 and one is spoken for. And when it comes to stupid animal tricks, my dog Blanca howls every time the train whistle blows. Not fun as there are an average of 30 trains a day… And Blanca is afraid of thunder and lightning. (can I go home now???)

I’ve had to get use to dual booting my machine. Not happy about it. Really not happy about using Windows, but… CTU only supports Windows. grrr… Probably would have had to do it anyway. Dan wants to do training and that means we need to be able to work in all computer operating systems. sigh.  I now run Windows XP and Ubuntu 9.04.

Last but not least, the library is having it’s grand opening June 25-27th. As John is assistant director, that means I get to put on fancy dress clothes. Haven’t decided if this is a good thing or not. What it does involve is me hauling out dress patterns and making myself a nice Formal style outfit. Hmmm…. maybe that velveteen and chinese silk print might have a use after all.

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