It might as well be winter!!! Brrrrr…..

Yesterday, it was almost 55 degrees. And let’s not forget the rain…. Lots of it. With more to come. Makes me wonder if it would be prudent to build an ark…. Oh, and of course there was snow on the Spanish Peaks this morning. It warmed up briefly, but…. I’m still running around in a long skirt, denim shirt and wool socks with my sandals! Brrrrrr.

All jokes aside, it is wet, with more rain due later in the week. Not our normal end of May weather. In some ways, this is good, because I have been indoors doing college work. I have my first class in mid session and I think I’m doing alright. Even learned how to do power point programs yesterday. I have one to do for class next week.

Right now though, I think I’ll curl up with a book, a blanket and a cup of tea.

2 thoughts on “It might as well be winter!!! Brrrrr…..

  1. Cold weather here too. I guess blame us as there seems to be more rain and snow since we showed up and brought it with us. Sorry.

  2. Nah, wouldn’t blame you for the rain or the bad weather. Just be glad it isn’t like it was the first few years we were here. Every time I went to Pueblo to shop, there would be thunderstorms. I swear that every time we went into Petsmart, the lightning hit the transformers and blew the electricity. Got to the point that the clerks in the shop recognized me. Teased me about getting out the calculators!

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