Spring Snow, oh my goodness, Spring Snow!!!

Last night, I came home from a meeting and it was raining. An hour later, it was snowing so hard that we couldn’t see across the street.

Then there was the foot of snow this morning!!!

2 thoughts on “Spring Snow, oh my goodness, Spring Snow!!!

  1. Oh…oh dear. See that would kinda depress me. Then again, you mountain folks…

    hey…new snow fixes nitrogen into the soil for better growth that season…

    ….looks like you’re going to have a hella garden this year (laughs)


    1. Well, we have had two days of nice warm weather. So, I guess we are due for another snowstorm. sigh… I’m working on what I want to do with the front yard, which is were one of my garden plots will be this year. I also have a plot down at the community garden. It still has spinach in it from last year!!!! I’ll keep you posted on the garden.

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