To Blog or not to Blog

That’s the question. I am trying to decide whether to delete two of my blogs or not. First one is Digitally challenged, the blog story I have been writing and which has sort of come to an end. The other is one I am thinking of re-purposing. I just have not had the time to update either of them and so have been rethinking them.

Digitally Challenged, I want to turn into a story in book form. However, I need to have it easier to edit, hence the taking it off the blogsphere.

Anyone out there have an opinion?

Meanwhile, Adventures has run it’s course in a different way. Not sure what to do with that one. A friend of mine is doing a story a day thing and I am thinking of trying that with this site. Sort of like DC, only a different theme. Still thinking on that one.

Then there is Pagan Way. Dan and I share that one and it is due to be moved to a website. Once again, similar purpose, but more coverage/access needed.

Lots of thinking…. Sorry for the sound of grinding gears and smoke.

Today was a lazy day otherwise. I got the front porch straight so I can do some more sewing. Wheee!!!! The weather is warming up at last and I will be able to sit out there without freezing.

Ian went to bed early and Dan is playing video first person kill’um games. I think I will work on that pair of socks that needs the heel turned.

4 thoughts on “To Blog or not to Blog

    1. I have three blogs, write for the local newspaper, write stories of an erotic nature and I’m taking college classes. I’ve finally hit the point where I feel like I’m not paying my other blogs enough attention. I’ve done it for nearly two years, but with college, I’m feeling the strain.

  1. Yeah, i get the multiple blog thing (grins@ Yous)…it can be a challenge. Then again, each blog serves its own purp…(cough cough) (is it smoky in here or is it You?) purpose


    I need to knit sox. I love them. But the small needle size is a huge turn off. I like getting something done in a short time frame. It’s kinda ADD, but then again, i’m into instant gratification lately (wink) Bite me.

    Sewing…yeah my kniting time has morphed into sewing again. Nice to sit behind the litte machine and make it whirrr…although i’d give a body part for a serger.I used to have one and it died many moons ago. Someday i’ll replace it because it’s so helpful.

    I wear only long skirts, Center front/back panel and two side panels. Easy peasy. Some i put in a side zip, some elastic waist…but i have winter weight and am now working on summer weight. I can cut, sew and finish a skirt in 2 hours or thereabouts. Usually less if uninteruppted…yeah. like *that * ever happens!

    Happy to Visit You, Roz!!



    1. I’m still thinking about the blog thing. I find I like socks because while they are small, I can get them done. My shawl I did took me nearly two years, because once it got bulky, I couldn’t take it in the car with me. Oh, and consider yourself bitten! LOL.

      I did get some sewing done yesterday. Made a duvet cover. Now to tackle the repair pile. Wheee…. not.

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