Midway Thru Spring Break

Gads…. Wednesday already! Four more days of spring break, and then back to school. The weather is still nice and warm too! Argh…. I am really not into the headspace for Fundamentals of Management. Yes, there probably is something new that they can teach me, but in all honesty, I’m 50. I’ve had a spouse and children…. run my own business and have been the business manager for LoboSavvy for 6 years. So, it will be a challenge not to blow off the teacher. Or heckle. Most of them are use to dealing with 20 somethings or kids just out of high school. They are not use to dealing with older students. Oh well.

Meanwhile, I am trying to do some sewing. I did a duvet cover yesterday. Yellow flowers and a boarder print. I’ve had the fabric for years, and never used it. I need to put some snaps on the opening and that is about it. Then there is the mending pile to attack. Oh, and curtains to make to match the fabric in the bedroom. Big problem is that what I feel like doing is taking a walk, or…. jumping someone’s bones. LOL. 🙂 Maybe I’ll just curl up with a good book… I have this one from my mom to read. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society.

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