For the last 8? years I have said I would never run for school board again.  Our school district has been a part of the Targeted District Improvement Plan for a year and while they have raised 10 points in their ratings, they still have a long way to go. Dan and I have talked about running and neither one of us thought it was a good time to run. Too much going on, etc.

Then we really started talking about it. Dan has too much going on and he said I should think of running. That was at 6pm last night. After the meeting I found out that no one was running in my district. Akkk!!! My civil duty minded brain couldn’t ignore that, so…. I took out a petition. I got home and suddenly worried that I hadn’t updated my voters registration. So, this morning I went to the court house and checked. Everything was in order. So, I was legal. Certifiable probably, but legal.

Dan checked too and he signed my petition. Then we had to give a report on Workforce and Youth council. Then we went down to the office. I got some signatures on my petition and then I went back to the office. Nothing went according to plan today either. sigh…. We finally got off at 6pm. We got paid for a job and we were able to get Bryan some teeshirts for work. He started work at Peakview Elementary this morning. Katie has a job to interview for next week too.

Oh, and the work on the Wendy house and main house is going well. Tomorrow we take a ton of stuff to the dump. Wheee!!!

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