School Board Elections

Well, it’s official. I’m on the board come November. So are Julia Marchant and Eva Vigil. We have one district with no candidate and one with two candidates running. It will be interesting. Why? Because we are in the midst of a TDIP program. That stands for Targeted District Improvement Plan. Also known as haul the district up out of the depths of despair and fix it!

We’ve had a very sports centric board for way too long, and our test scores show it. Now we have to fix things and this new board should be interesting. I’ve been on the board twice before. Julia was a principal for 32 years and Eva was a teacher for about the same length of time. In some ways you could say that the pendulum is about to swing in the other direction. Here’s hoping we can get our act together fast and pull together for the best of the district.

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