Changes to the Wendy House.

Life has been interesting. Dan and I moved into the Wendy House and Bryan and Katie have the main house. Of course this requires upgrades and renovations.A lot of work that we are doing is literally repairing what has already been done.  We’ve been doing demolition and repair work this last week. I now have a bedroom, an office, a quasi work area and a spot that will be a bathroom. Eventually. As I told Dan, rainwater running down the walls does not equal running water. Ahem. The one side has a leak and we put a bucket under it. Where is the bucket? In the bathroom. Hence the running water jokes. Here are some pictures.

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We still have lots of work to do. Dan and Bryan put in a French Drain on the one wall and drifted the bricks back into place. The hill had shoved them out of true. Then the mortar work… Fixed the front step too. We are seeing how much work we can do without having to spend any money at this point. We have some lumber and have lots of dirt work to do. Wheee…


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