More Dirt Work

Yes, we’ve been playing in the dirt again. We cleaned up the main garden and started planting. Squash: zucchini, delicata, yellow crookneck, butternut and pumpkin. Two kinds of green beans and then spinach, lettuce, carrots and radishes. Oh, and one tomato plant.

In the side gardens, we added new tomato plants, two bell peppers, cilantro and chives. The two tomato plants that got snowed and hailed on are still hanging on. We will see how they do. I’ve begun to thin out the lettuce in the wheel barrow and will probably transplant some of the seedlings into the bed in front of the pepper plants.

We moved Brandy’s dog house. She was unhappy with being so far away from her people, so we brought it closer. We bought a grill as well, and we had the most lovely steaks tonight.

Last but not least, the rose bush is doing well, as are the herbs.

Now I can take a small break from gardening and work on websites, and sewing. I have a skirt to make for a friend and clothes to work on for Battlemoor. 🙂

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