Rock Work

We went up into the hills and brought home a load of rocks. 🙂 It was a lot of hard work, but fun. We added rocks to the side garden. Then we hauled rocks to the back yard and we built a Fairy Patio. A place to sit and read, enjoy the quiet, or just bake like a lizard. I’ll be adding plants.

2 thoughts on “Rock Work

  1. Just got back from Shetland , no fairies for your garden but we saw a few trows and some Vikings, even saw some mementos from a Shetlander who opened a sawmill in Denver in the second half of the nineteenth century.

    1. When we left England oh so many years ago, we wondered whether the fairies that had been such a part of our lives for years, both good and bad, would follow. For months, we had NO Fairy Incidents. No missing keys, no lights going out at odd moments, nothing. Then our adopted daughter, Nat visited. She brought each of the boys a present, and for me she had a box tied with a ribbon. When I opened it, there was the key to our house in England.

      Not even 24 hours later, my ex’s keys went missing. He tore up the house, and finally it dawned on me. I told him to look in the car. There they were, in the ignition and all the doors were locked, just as they had been many a time in England. He went to work, and I smiled. I had Fairies in the house again!

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